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'For - Your Service LLP' is a concept with an aim of providing a wide range of services to people at their door steps, 24/7, anytime in need. Founded in 2008 by Mr. Pratik Mehta, the venture is today equipped by an expert staff of around 120 employees in the parent company 'T.P.CORPORATION'.

Some of our prestigious clients include Citibank, Sony Pictures, Cello, Nahar Group of Companies, Angel Broking, Cadbury India, Kellogs Foods, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Siemens, HPCL and that’s just the beginning.

Our team has and will always provide with the best quality services to the customers at a least time with proper technical advice too because we believe in customer's satisfaction. All our team members are very much skilled and truly dedicated towards their work. We constantly provide them training, planning and motivation to increase the quality of work they perform.

We aim at segregating all required consumer relative services under one roof and provide them from the one roof.

OUR MISSION : The mission of 'For - Your Service LLP' is to provide the requested services to the customer in an efficient, cost-effective, superior quality and customer-service format. 'BETTER THAN WHAT CLIENT's EXPECT.'

Mr. Pratik Metha (Director): With a business experience of more than 12 years, Mr. Pratik Mehta has been a known business man and the main pillar of 'For - Your Service LLP' who handles the main management & direct selling areas of the business.

The team has a projection of becoming the best One Stop Service Provider in India and then making a global presence too.



For - Your Service LLP provides more than routine house and office cleaning services. We provide the extra services to maintain a clean, healthy and pleasant environment by sanitizing all practiced and requested areas proficiently. We also focus on cleaning the places overlooked, where bacteria tends to accumulate at such as phones, doors, handles, light switches and all things which may come in direct contact with us.

We do the entire job at every scheduled appointment and mandatory at every 3 months interval. We do not rush through the cleaning process and see to it that each job is done by us effectively and efficiently, bringing smiles on our client's faces always. We take pride in our reputation of our quality work which reflects in our cleaning works done on time & without any compromises.

Living Room & Bedrooms

Ceiling, fixtures, frames corners thoroughly dusted, vacuumed and wiped. Curtain rods cleaned. Walls wiped. Lofts emptied out and cleaned, if required. Shelves and Wardrobes emptied out and cleaned if required. All crevices covered from top to bottom. Bed, dressing table thoroughly dusted and wiped. Sofa sets and chairs vacuumed and shampooed/sanitized if required. Floor mopped with special attention to stains.


Walls, floor and ceiling washed/wiped/scrubbed as per requirements. Pots and toilet seats cleaned. Shelves and rods paid special attention. Wash basins, windows and taps thoroughly scrubbed/wiped/cleaned too.


Frames wiped, glass surface cleaned, scraped and wiped for best results. Special attention given to corners. Channels vacuumed, wiped and cleaned. Safety grills, if any, wiped and cleaned. Bird droppings removed.


Ceiling, walls wiped and cleaned. Greasy surfaces and black stains paid special attention. Chimney cleaned, shelves wiped, platforms scrubbed. Shelves opened and cleaned, if required. Refrigerator opened and cleaned with precautions, if required. Floor thoroughly mopped with care.

Balconies & Terraces

Floor scrubbed and mopped, hand rails wiped clean, glasses cleaned, AC units deep cleaned, walls dusted and cleaned.

  • - Stove Hood Cleaning
  • - Fridge Cleaning (Outside / Top)
  • - All Appliances (Outside)
  • - Microwave (Outside & Inside)
  • - Stove (Exterior)
  • - Counter Tops
  • - Sink & Faucet (Clean & Polish)
  • - Kitchen Rug (Sweep / Vacuum )
  • - Remove Cob Webs
  • - Floor (Sweep & Mob)
  • - Cabinets (Spot Clean Outside)
  • - Empty Trash
  • - Mirror Cleaning
  • - Vanities (Inside / Outside)
  • - Sinks
  • - Soap & Toothbrush Holder
  • - Tub & Shower
  • - Floor (Clean & Sanitize)
  • - Toilet Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • - Faucet Polishing
  • - Vents (Dust / Wipe)
  • - Remove Cob Webs
  • - Baseboards (Dust & Clean)
  • - Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • - Remove Cob Webs
  • - Sliding Glass Doors Cleaning
  • - All Glasses & Mirrors
  • - Carpet Rug (Sweep / Vacuum)
  • - Sweep / Mop Tiles
  • - Dust All Horizontal Surfaces
  • - Dust / Mop Wooden Floors
  • - Dust All Corners (High / Low)
  • - Dust All Horizontal Surfaces
  • - Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • - Sweep / Mop Tiles
  • - Carpet Rug (Sweep / Vacuum)
  • - Dust / Mop Wooden Floors
  • - Dust All Corners (High / Low)
  • - Make Beds
  • - Change Linen
  • - Ceiling the inside & behind of Refrigerator
  • - Cleaning Kitchen Stove from Inside
  • - Cleaning light fixtures and light switches throughout the house
  • - Cleaning window still and window track throughout the house
  • - Cleaning all blinds throughout the house
  • - Cleaning all baseboards throughout the house
  • - Very thorough dusting throughout the house
  • - Control floor appearance by vacuuming / sweeping
  • - Mop hard surface floors
  • - Dust & clean horizontal surfaces (desks, chair, tables, cabinet, furniture)
  • - Dust picture frames and remove soil from its surface
  • - Clean and sanitize telephones
  • - Empty and wipe ash trays and waste receptacles
  • - Remove smudges around door-jams, push plates, light switches, glass partitions, counters and other unobstructed work areas
  • - Restrooms: thoroughly clean and mop with germicides. Clean mirrors, partitions, urinals, toilets and sink using detergents and disinfectants
  • - Refilling of soaps and paper products with supplies furnished by your firm
  • - Remove soil from entrance door frames, handle, glasses and thresholds
  • - Sweep surfaces of immediate exterior entry areas
  • - Leave office and furniture's in a neat orderly fashion

Carpets, sofas and floors require regular maintenance to keep your environment healthy. De Caretakers' carpet care technicians are specially trained so you can benefit from the highest quality standards in the carpet cleaning industry. Our industrial equipment cleaning process will effectively remove soil from the bottom of your carpet fibers where dirt, dust and allergens settle.

Our technicians are honest professionals who provide you the best service, to keep your carpets, sofas, upholstery and floors sparkling and clean all year around. We guarantee all of our work will offer complete customer satisfaction.

'For - Your Service LLP' is a concept with an aim of providing a wide range of services like Car Detailing Service, Car Polishing Service, Car Upholstery Cleaning, Interior Car Cleaning, Paint Protection Treatment, Steam Wash and much more. All these services are provided at customer's door step, 24 x 7. Founded in 2008 by 2 visionaries, the venture is today equipped by an expert staff of around 120 employees in the parent company 'T. P. CORPORATION'. The entire team is exceptionally skilled, totally dedicated and puts their best possible efforts in rendering these services. Superior quality products are used for cleaning, polishing and painting.

  • Our Ideologies
  • Clean In. Clean Out.
  • Service First
  • Professional Car Washing
  • Our Professional Services
  • Car Polishing
  • Interior Car Cleaning Services
  • Internal Roof and Shampoo Wash
  • Seat and Carpet Vacuuming
  • Dashboard Polishing
  • Steam Wash

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What is 'For - Your Service LLP'?

'For Your Service' is a concept and a venture of 'T.P. CORPORATION' which aims at providing a wide range of services(from a single roof) to people at their door steps, 24/7, any time in need; in an efficient, cost-effective, superior quality and customer-service format.

How to enroll for 'For - Your Service LLP'?

There are different membership plans for both residential & commercial sectors to enroll with 'For Your Service'. One can select the plan according to his/her requirements.

What are the benefits of using 'For - Your Service LLP'?

Members of 'For Your Service' avail the following benefits:

  • Members get access to an array of services with just a phone call on the toll free number.
  • Members get services which are timely, cost-effective and of superior quality.
  • Members save on time, energy as well as money by using the services.
  • Members dont worry, and always be happy for they have 'For Your Service' even for their tinest problem.

How many services are rendered by 'For - Your Service LLP'?

Till date, 'For Your Service' has renders 3 services (House/Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Car Grooming). The number of services shall increase any moment and would get included in the members service list at no extra cost.

What is the user of the Membership Card of 'For - Your Service LLP'?

The Membership Card of 'For Your Service' is a form of gratitude for members. Each card has a Unique Identification Number (UIN) which reveals the member's membership at various areas. Today the Card is usable to identity Members; but there are lot many uses in future where members can use the card to redeem the benefits everywhere.


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